Lina is offering live group classes and now workshops via Zoom (like Skype). It is important to keep your body moving during this time, so live classes will help you to keep to your regular routine without leaving the house. Classes and workshops are currently open to anyone who wishes to attend. 

Online Timetable
Sat, Jul 18
Breathing and Pranayama Zoom Workshop
Breathing and Pranayama Workshop
This morning will be an exploration into the pattern of your breath learning how to relax it through gentle movements and then how to enhance oxygenation throughout the whole body. It will also cover specific Yogic breathing practices that can help to calm the mind and good for your health.
Sat, Aug 15
Meditation for Everyone Zoom Workshop
Meditation for Everyone Workshop
This will start with finding the best way of sitting for mediation for you. Classic meditation techniques will be practiced simple movement, the breath and other ways of focusing to prepare the body and mind to enter into a state of calm and peacefulness.
Sat, Jun 20
Wellbeing Morning Zoom Workshop
Wellbeing Morning Workshop
This session will be themed around how to look after ourselves. This will start with some Mindful Movement and deep breathing. We will be looking at various practices that enhance our well being like deep relaxation and meditation. Various tips on how to enhance well being for yourself and others
Thu, Apr 09
Yoga for Healthy Backs with Lina
Yoga for Healthy Backs
Specially designed course to give you the tools to strengthen your back.
Wed, Apr 08
Stretch, Strengthen and Relax with Lina
Stretch, Strengthen and Relax
A more challenging class with a strong flow, this class will help to build your strength, stamina and reduce your stress and tension. Includes inversions, pranayama and deep relaxation techniques.
Tue, Apr 07
Gentle Yoga with Lina
Gentle Theraputic Yoga
This class allows you to explore what yoga is for you. It includes breathing practices and ends with a soothing relaxation.

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